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Review Of Webby award-winning Yellow Umwelt

Yellow Umwelt is a communication and digital marketing consultant company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The companies website won the WEBBY award in 2022 for “Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics”, and it’s not hard to see why. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The homepage is by far the most complex. Having won the award for best use of animation, you already know the homepage is going to be interesting. The page itself is pretty normal, giving the view a brief overview of what the company does and it mission statement. The homepage also incorporates the different types of websites and other content the company has helped to create

But the main attraction of the homepage of Yellow Umwelt is the animated front screen that portrays a wide range of content that the company has created (https://yu.agency/) . With the extremely detailed and high quality animations, its no wonder why this site won the webby for best animations.

The rest of the site Consists of the “About” page, which highlights what the company does and what they believe in, a “Work” page which showcases some of the content that they’ve helped create, as well as a “Career” and “Contacts” page, which offers resources to work at the company as well as contact information for various company members.

This is the “About” page! Not a whole lot to be had on this page. The first section talks about the companies approach to design and what they believe in to make a good product. the second portion talks about the recognition and awards (Including this Webby award) as well as 5 Webby nominations, The Lovie Awards, Advertising Effectiveness award, and so many more.

The next page is the “Works” page, which highlights many of the projects and designs that Yellow Umwelt has worked on. These projects range from websites, to “experiences”, to Campaigns. Much of this content is in dutch, which I found interesting and also makes sense considering that YM is a Danish company.

The final two pages on the site are the “Contact” page and the “Career” pages. These pages are dedicated to information on how you can communicate with the company, as well as information on how you can work for the company. These pages are useful if you’re looking to contact the company as a client, or if you’re trying to work in the company.

However, Yellow Umwelt isn’t flawless. The sit is not very accessible by nature of its purpose. The purpose of the site is to help creators build their content, so by its very nature it’s not very accessible. It’s usability of this site is also not great. It took me a while to even figure out what the company does, which could be do in part to enlgish not being their first language, but still as an international company they should make it usable for everyone.

Overall Yellow Umwelt is has a very good design, and its clear to see why they won a Webby award. The front page is beautifully animated and looks incredible. While it’s not perfect, the YW site is a good example of what a good website should look and feel.

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