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Design Review For ESPN

I decided to look at the ESPN website to determine if it meets Ram’s criteria. Right off the bat I noticed that the website isn’t very Aesthetic in my opinion. I feel like they crammed a lot of information into one page of the website, making for a not so friendly user-interface. Another thing I noticed right off the bat was just the overwhelming amount of information right off the bat, which makes it harder to understand and navigate. In terms of usefulness the ESPN website is extremely useful. It’s jam-packed with all kinds of information from new headlines to player stats from sports all across the world. There are links for betting on sports to buying tickets to live games. The website is extremely useful, which is a positive in terms of its design. It also is certainly innovative. The ability to have a website with that much information on sports from all across the world is truly incredible. Just the sheer amount of content on the front page alone is insane to me. I would also say that ESPN’s definitely honest about what they’re doing. They’re a sports website, after all, and if they lie it will be plainly obvious. I would also say that ESPN, as of right now, is long-lasting because so many all over the world use it. Whether they have the app on their phone, use their computer or are watching SportsCenter on TV, Millions of people consume their sports through ESPN so I’d say it will be long-lasting, at least until people stop consuming sports. The ESPN website is extraordinarily thorough. As I’v mentioned numerous times now, ESPN covers sports from not just North American, but all over the world. They cover everything from Statistics on players and coaches to whole teams. They also have good coverage of overseas soccer leagues such as Premier league, champions league and Uefa League. However is “good design is as little design as possible”, then ESPN is lacking in that category. Their site is full of all kinds of hyperlinks and webpages and drop downs and all sorts of design features that are useful, however according to Ram’s criteria, hinder it. 

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