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4 things I would Tell my Grandparents About SUNY Oswego.

Here are 5 things about SUNY Oswego i would tell my grandparents about:

  1. Classes

My classes are going good. Not a whole lot of interesting stuff happening in them. doing my work, studying hard and getting good grades. Most of my Classes this semester are Gen Eds, which isn’t very fun but it’s okay. It’s part of how classes work.

2. Professors

Most of my professors are nice. Nothing too outlandish. My favorite is my Media writing Professor. The class is also fun. its about building a website and making yourself known in the world. My other professors are nice enough. I mostly have big lectures so I don’t really have a personal relationship with any of them like I did last year.

3. Extra-Curricular Activites

There is so much fun things to do on campus, but my favorite is defiantly WTOP-10. It’s the student run TV station. They cover everything from news to live sports and original productions (OPs). They have a variety of different positions, from crew to talents and analysts. It’s by far my favorite club on campus. Another really fun one is the ski club, which I’m going to be on the E-board for next semester. Its super fun and skiing is my favorite so anything to so its a great time

4. Friends

My friends are good still! We hangout daily and are super close. Not a whole lot to talk about it that regard

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